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Resolve 80% of your support, instantly!

Enjoy 24/7 customer service with instant replies

Free up time for your human agents

Conversations that feel real and perfesionnal

Recommend and showcase products

Reduce cart abandonment with instant replies

Push deals and discounts

Reduce decision time and increase sales

Gather contact information 24/7

Start conversations with your leads

Push your products to upsell or cross-sell

Keep leads interested with instant replies

All the amazing features you need

Full UI Theming

Customize the chatbot’s appearance fully to match your brand's aesthetic.

Everywhere Integration

Embed our chatbot across numerous websites or platforms with no limits.

Custom Response Styles

Tailor the chatbot’s interaction style to fit your brand’s tone and approach.

Multi-Language Support

Communicate with a global audience through multilingual capabilities.

Data Uploads

Customize the chatbot's knowledge with your own data input (URLs, files, videos, audio, raw text, Q&A)

Diverse AI models

Access a diverse range of AI models (GPT, Bard, Llama 2, Falcon, filtered, unfiltered) to meet specific interaction needs.

Auto-Refresh Training

Ensure the chatbot stays updated with the latest information automatically.

End-To-End Data Encryption

Protect your data and conversations with robust encryption for privacy and security.

Sources For Every Answer

Enhance credibility by backing up chatbot answers with sources.

Chat History

Review past conversations for follow-up and monitoring.

Human Handoff

Transitions from AI to live support via e-mails or your live chatbot.

Contacts Forms

Collect your lead information through integrated contact forms.

User Accounts

Offer personalized chat experiences with user account creation.

Resolve Chats

Streamline service by marking completed conversations as resolved.

Question & Answer

Equip the chatbot to deliver accurate responses to various queries.

AI Sequential Questioning

Deploy a series of questions to clarify user needs for better assistance.

Marketing Cards

Display engaging graphics within the chat to promote offerings.

Action Prompts

Use chat prompts to encourage user engagement and action.

Voice Interaction

Interact with the chatbot using voice commands for convenience.

Audio Replies

Receive vocal responses from the chatbot for an engaging experience.

White-label & Reseller-Friendly

Offer a chatbot solution that’s adaptable for resellers to brand and distribute.

Report & Analytics

Gain valuable insights from detailed reports and data analysis to inform decision-making.

API Connectivity

Connect the chatbot with external services for extended functionality.

Data Exports

Export chat data, contacts and accounts easily for analysis or external use.

InsertChat - VS - Competitors

Free PlanYesNo
PriceAffordable (No Hidden Fees)More Expensive
White-LabelFully Customizable InterfaceLimited Customization
Models21 Models (GPT, Bard, Llama 2, Falcon)Only GPT models
Training VolumeNo LimitationLimited By Characters
In-house InfrastructureYes (European Servers)No
Data OwnershipWe Host And Secure Your DataThey Outsource And Share Your Data
End-To-End Data EncryptionYesNo
Share or Sell Your DataNeverYes
European CompanyYes (RDPG apply)No
Human SupportYesNo
API for EveryoneYes (No Extra Fees)No or Paid
ActionsForms, Q&A, Resolved Marking, Speak & Listen To AI
Chat (Email & Live Human), CTA, Accounts
Auto Refresh Training, AI Sequential Questioning, Marketing Cards
Languages95+ Languages SupportedEnglish Mainly

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