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Build your GPT chatbot with no coding using existing data from documents, websites, texts and videos

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3 Easy Steps To Start


Create Your Chatbot

Create your own customized chatbot with your brand and set the pre-defined behavior.

Connect Your Data

Connect your bot to your existing data by inputting documents or websites.

Put It Everywhere

It's time to put it everywhere, the widget can be embedded on any page.

All the amazing features you need

Powered by your content
  • Conversation data (Soon)
  • Any public URL
  • Any documents
  • Any raw texts
  • Multiple sources
  • Multiple public URLs
  • Automated content sync
  • Manual content sync
  • No training, no configuration
Intelligent controls
  • Custom answers and Q&A for important questions
  • Contact forms
  • Sequences
  • Marketing cards
  • CTA buttons
  • Accounts creation
  • Limitation per account
  • History of all the conversations
  • Handoff to human support teams (Talk to human)
  • Multiple AI Chatbots with the same subscription
  • Preview Your AI Chatbots before going live
Conversational by design
  • Powered by OpenAI
  • Holds complete conversations
  • Asks clarifying questions
  • Multilingual
Measurement & reporting
  • Usage metrics (Coming soon)
  • Custom reporting (Coming soon)
  • Collect users feedback
  • History download
  • Contacts download
  • Accounts download
Built for scale
  • Web, mobile, and app ready
  • Integrate using a simple JS script or an iframe tag
Fully customizable
  • Fully personalizable UI
  • Change all the text of the UI
  • Customize all logos, images, and icons
  • Use your own custom domain name
  • Reseller friendly
  • White-label options

Us Versus Them

PriceAffordable, No Hidden FeesMore Expensive, Hidden Fees
Chat InterfaceFully Customizable InterfaceLimited Customization
ModelsBard & GPT-4Outdated model (GPT-3.5)
Data OwnershipYou Keep Your Users DataThey Keep Your Users Data
ToolsMultiple Pre-Defined WidgetsNo Pre-Defined Widgets
Fine-TuningUser-friendly Cloud Fine-TuningNo Fine-Tuning

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