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Can handle unlimited chats simultaneously with your users

24/7 customer service with instant reply to all your users questions

Free up time for your human agents to tackle important issues

Engage in conversations that feel real and personal

Easily gather contact information 24/7 from your leads

Start conversations with your leads that turn to sales

Push your products to upsell or cross-sell and generate more revenue

Keep leads interested with instant quick follow-ups

Design unique AI fantasy characters tailored to your imagination

34 AI Models filtered and unfiltered to create captivating characters

Craft your AI character by defining their personality and backstory

A variety of lifelike voices, offering an immersive experience

Recommend and push products that fit the shoppers needs

Reduce cart abandonment with instant replies to your shoppers questions

Push deals and discounts to your shoppers when they ask

Simplify the checkout process and keep tabs on orders

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